A few qustions about the tool and SEO before I commit


I want to build a complex specialized social network. (Community: posts, longreads and recommendations, real-time chats, funding, internal team tools for tasks and collaborations). Desktop/mobile are in focus, apps are not.

I am a designer and the first prototype is almost ready in Figma.

Now I’m looking for a suitable tool that I’ll be ready to dive into. I’m choosing between Wappler and Noodl.

Is Noodl a good tool for this?
How is Noodl doing with SEO? I heart that SPA is pretty bad with it.

Sorry for the belated reply, I only saw your post after back from the weekend yesterday :slight_smile:

Noodl is absolutely a good tool for this task, especially when it comes to rapid and effective development cycles, easy-of-use and customisability. It is also possible to handle SEO in Noodl, however it’s a semi-advanced procedure to embark on by yourself as it it requires some manual analysis and scripting to do the SEO optimization. We often help enterprise clients build such scripts, and configure hosting in a way where page specific meta-tags can be served by the frontend. If you’re interested in knowing more, you can contact us directly via the forms found on the services page on our website :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor from Noodl