An error message occured after triggering deployment

I received an error message after I was trying to deploy my developed APP. In the sandbox message, it shows message “Currently using no cloud service”, after clicking the link(, the page displayed an XML format, the message is “access denied”, as far as I know, many people in our class have encountered this situation, could you please help me to resolve this issue as soon as possible since I have to submit my work to professor next Wednesday.


Hello there!

“Currently using no cloud service” is not an error message, it just means that you will be deploying a frontend that is not connected to a Noodl cloud service backend.

The error message you see is (AccessDenied) is shown for all * that does not have a deploy.

So the deploy has not been successful or you have perhaps not completed it?

You need to type in a valid name (you can’t use xxx) and then click create deploy. You should get a message that the domain is create and the deploy is successful.


Yes, i did type a valid name and then click create deploy.
But it didn’t work.

another screenshot

Did you get any error message when you tried to deploy?

Yes, it always shows this animation after the message box “Sandbox.domain.created”

I can see that your domain is created but there is nothing uploaded to it. So it seems to fail when your project is being uploaded. Does it contain any really big files. Also, if you try a completely new project and deploy that. Does that work?

Or, does you project perhaps contain any files with strange names, uncommon characters etc?

Hello everybody, I am facing the exact same issue. Unfortunately my exam is already ruined, as the project was working perfectly until I had to make a minor change right before presenting. After refreshing the deployment, access is denied and no way back. How do I find the error, Noodle is telling me that the upload was successfully deployed.

My Noodle is up-to date (2.6.3). I duplicated the project, deleted the deployments, set up new links, changed the computer, tried 4 different WiFis: it’s not working.

I worked out the issue with some of your classmates, sorry that it did not get to you. The problem was that you were creating a loop or pages/popups. So you had a component that was showing a popup and the popup target component was itself, or it was a component that includes the original component. This creates a loop and won’t work.

However, Noodl is supposed to warn you and give an error message and that is a bug. It’s been reported and will be fixed in the next update.