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  1. How can i compile noodl apps to android and iOS apps ?
  2. In tutorials i only have been seen mobile sized webapps. What is the max window size that i can work ? May i build dashboard , TV apps size, web systems with desktop sizes ?

Hi Mario

  1. Yes, as also mentioned in our FAQ this can be done by using tools such as Cordova or Capacitor, and it requires the “deploy to folder” which can be requested in the top right corner of the window in Noodl (see screenshot below).

  2. There is no max size for your apps in that sense. If you design your apps responsively they will potentially fit any screen size you’d like. So yes, you can definitely make TV-sized apps too. Keep in mind that when your build your apps in Noodl, the preview window can be resized to other formats than portrait/phone too.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor from Noodl

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