Can I export the Code of my app?

Is it possible to export the full code of my app built on noodl? Im especially concerned about not being vendor locked in. Does noodle allow users to be able to export code? I intend to use an external backend via APIs and frontend using noodle. In this scenario is it possible to export the code?

You can export minified, non-editable code.

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Hey Sohaan!
I’m sorry, but I only just saw your message as I was on my way off work. I’ll get back to you tomorrow morning :slight_smile:

PS. Thanks for chipping in Shrey! It’s always much appreciated when community members help each other out :raised_hands:

Best regards, Victor from Noodl

Okay, I’m back, sorry for the delay.

We support deploying to a folder as a single page web app (SPA), but the “exported” code is not humanly readable. This is something we are considering for the future, but presently, there’s no plan to be able to export structured code from Noodl. This is as much a philosophical choice as it is a practical one.

We believe that the benefits of no and low-code for developers and designers is rooted in speed, accessibility, and modularity. One of the main benefits of low-code is that in the vast majority of cases it requires less maintenance and operational overhead than traditional code because, as you know, inheriting someone else’s codebase can be a messy process and will almost likely result in a massive refactoring effort or rebuild from ground-up anyway.

Practically speaking, by creating code exports from Noodl, we would need to rewrite nodes and components in such a way that they were closer to 1:1 matches of how you structure code, most likely at the cost of all of the abstraction benefits (i.e., speed, accessibility, modularity). Furthermore, supporting an “export to code” (unless it is a bail out of the system) requires you to be able to go back and forth between code and Noodl, modifying the code, “importing” it back into Noodl for your no-coder collaborators to work on it. The core mission for Noodl is to enable mixed teams of product designers and coders that work together continuously, and that is the blueprint we’ve sought to build our platform after.