Can I use Noodl to make a picture taking app?

I’m trying to build a basic interface where my users can take a picture of something and upload it to their ongoing recipe collection. I saw a post about uploading pictures. Can I also call the phone camera to take a picture?

Hi Jose. Welcome to the Forum! :slight_smile:
Yes, you can take pictures on your phone and upload them (or other images. e.g. screenshots) to a backend via your Noodl app. To quote myself from this earlier forum-post:

I would recommend you try and have a look at the Open File Picker Node (which can be used together with the Upload File Node, if you want users to be able so save images in the backend).

The Open File Picker works on both desktop and phone. One thing to note about the node is that you can specify what files types are accepted - this is also described in the docs link I provided above (see “Accepted file types”). You could e.g. try to put in image/* to say that you allow all image type files to be uploaded, but not e.g. audio.

Starting with this method is definitely the most straight-forward, and I would recommend that you begin with that, rather than taking the pictures directly in the app (which is also possible, but a bit more advanced).

If you want to take pictures directly in the app you’ll probably need to use the Webcam Node, and write some custom code to capture your images. I haven’t tried this exact guide myself, but maybe you could have a look and see if you’re up for it.

But it’s definitely a bit more advanced to take the pictures in-app, rather than simply uploading images (like I suggest you start with). This is a general problem in web design and how the web works, so it’s not specifically a Noodl issue. It’ll be the same issue across all frameworks you use.

Lastly, if you use the built-in camera app you can access a lot more of the functionality of your camera out-of-the-box, like optic zoom, exposure, white balance, filters and all those things. In short, usually the resolution and general image quality is better when using your built-in camera app and upload the images afterwards. You could improve some of these webcam-issues via code, but it might not be easy, or not possible at all for certain features. Again, a general web problem - not a Noodl-specific one :slight_smile:

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Best regards Victor