Disappearing text style (visual bug)

I was editing a text style (‘Body text’) from the edit icon in the dialog. I was changing the letter spacing, but the unit was off the screen. So I closed the dialog to try again, but the style has disappeared from the list.

That does indeed sound like a bug. I’ll look into it, thanks! If it happens again, it’d be great if you can figure out exactly what steps to take to reproduce it, but hopefully we’ll manage to figure it out on our end.

Turns out it is not exactly disappearing…it is just have lots of space between styles.

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Ah, thanks! The issue is that the text style picker is using your text style to render the styles themselves. So your “Body text” style likely has a very high line height, causing the element itself to be giant.

The default line height is not using a unit, it’s “unitless”, which makes it a factor of the font size. So as an example, a line height 100 for a font with size 16px translates into a 1600px line height.

Again, thanks for finding and reporting it, we’ll fix it.

Yes, indeed, that fixed it! thanks