Displaying a Single Database Column (missing node)

Summary: I’m trying to display a single database column.

I created a simple Visual Component called “Features List”, which the Repeater Node needs as input. Then I connected the this new Features List Component to the Repeater. That worked fine.

Right now there are 17 items in the Features_Class, and 17 line items are being displayed. But I also need another node to tell specify which field(s) I want the Repeater to display.

Okay! Got this figured out, thanks to Byron over on the Discord channel.
Turns out the “missing node” was an Object node.
It’s all explicitly laid out, step by step in the documentation.
Noodl Docs: List Basics

(Next time, I’ll know better to check the Docs first.)

PS: When setting up the field names in the Object Node that is part of the Visual List Component, make sure the property name added to the Object node, matches the field name from the Repeater.

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Great that you figured it out, and thanks a lot for getting back to the forum with your solution - even if you figured it out before I was able to help you :slight_smile: But yeah, I would have also recommended to use the Object for this exact purpose!

If I may add a bit to your “PS” section: In the case you describe here, we most likely want to get the Object’s ID from the repeater, but you probably already figured that out. The screenshot below (taken from your documentation link) describes what I’m talking about here. Just wanted to add this if anyone looks this up in the future :slight_smile:

Let me know if you have any further questions :slight_smile:

Happy Noodling!
Victor from Noodl