Drag component issue

I have a group component that is a box, this component is under a drag component and I want to reset the box to its initial Pos X and Pos Y, which is 0 and 0, after the drag ended event, so that I can get the visual effect of drag and drop… the issue I am facing is that I am using a state to set the drag object position back to 0, and also I have tried the set the box position to 0 and it does not work.
Any advise?

Hi Jose!
Thank you for reaching out :slight_smile:
I hope I’ve correctly understood what you’re trying to do, so here’s a little example of a draggable box that resets to a given position (in my case I’ve set this position to x200,y200) when the user stops dragging, using a states node:

In your own project, you can of course set Snap to Position X, Snap to Position Y, Start Drag X and Start Drag Y to whatever you like - it sounds like you need to set them all to 0, but you can play around with this yourself.

The states node in my example only have two states: Dragging and Not Dragging. There are no values connected to these states, so I’m only using the events from the states node to reset the position of the draggable box, using the Do signal input on the Drag node.

Hope this helps! If this does not solve the problem, feel free to write again - maybe attach a screenshot also - that makes it a bit easier to help.

Best regards, Victor from Noodl