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Hi Noodlers, one of my customers commented that the Noodl forum is pretty dead and that he thinks this is an indication of the actual usage of a platform/tool. He was pleasently surprised when I pointed him to the Discord channel.

Maybe it is an option to put a clearly visible banner near the header where you mention Discord is the preferred way of communication and a link to the channel?

Hi Gerbert
Thank you for your input! I’m sorry for the belated reply - In relation to your point I’m fully aware of that it doesn’t not look good that I haven’t gotten back to you earlier. Normally it’s primarily me who keeps an eye out on the forum but I have been Out of office these last few days, hence the delay.

We think your thought of making our Discord server more visible here on the forum is a great idea, and something that we will definitely look into :slight_smile:

Our Discord community is always active and full of development, whereas the activity here on the forum is somewhat haphazard. There are periods on the forum where there are many requests and questions, and then there are periods with less activity. But normally (when I’m not Out of office) we strive to reply within a day regardless.

Thanks again for your input - We’ll look into it :slight_smile:
PS. For anyone else who might read this post, here’s a link to said Discord Server

Best regards, Victor from Noodl

Hi V, Thanks for the reply (and letting me know my voice is heard). The Discord channel is indeed always active and I prefer it over forums actually. :slight_smile:

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Hi again Gerbert!
After last time we talked I’ve had some time to play around with a banner for Discord, and as you can (hopefully) see we’ve implemented one now :slight_smile: Thanks again for the suggestion!

Best Regards, Victor From Noodl

No way miss it like this Victor, looks good!

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For anyone unfamiliar with Discord, at first look, it can be confusing. BUT it’s actually very easy. Here’s a quick 11 minute video that will get you up to speed quick.

How to Use Discord for Beginners

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