Help on javascript function and Tabulator

can you help me with this question?

how i can link group this with javascript module variable


Node.Inputs = { GroupID: 'reference', } var table = new Tabulator(Node.Inputs.GroupID, { height:"311px", columns:[ {title:"Name", field:"name"}, {title:"Progress", field:"progress", sorter:"number"}, {title:"Gender", field:"gender"}, {title:"Rating", field:"rating"}, {title:"Favourite Color", field:"col"}, {title:"Date Of Birth", field:"dob", hozAlign:"center"}, ], }); (modificato)

Tabulator.js:74 Tabulator Creation Error - no element found matching selector: reference

Hi paolo_lops,

Thank you for your question! I think we have figured out the solution on Discord, but I’ll post the answer here as well!

There are two ways you can run custom JavaScript code in Noodl. You can use a Script node or you can use a Function node

In the Script node you need to put your code inside a function or a or a function that you can trigger via a signal.

In your specific question you also want to get the actual DomElement from the Noodl Group node, and you can do that with the getDOMElement() function.

Here is a screenshot for what it would look like in a Script node:

Here is a screenshot for what it would look like in a Function node: