iOS native app development

hi, as I’m checking out tools to create native apps I stumbled upon noodl.
I watched a few tutorials and I’m quite intrigued.
before I jump in (and because I spend a lot of time the last few weeks trying out new tools) I wanted to ask if it is possible to access device specific stuff like opening camera or requesting a qr-code for example. also GPS location and sensor feedback. and if there is a doc or tutorial on that.

also exporting: are you Packaging the file or is it native code that could be changed later?

thanks and “Hut ab” for this amazing looking tool

Hi Arne. Thank you for your question! I’ll forward it to the rest of the Noodl Team, and get back to you when I know more :slight_smile:

Best Regards,
Victor, Design Technologist at Noodl

Hi Arne! Just checking in again - I see you have also been active on the Discord Server in the meantime, but have you seen we have developed a QR Scanner Module since you posted in here? You can read more about it here: Noodl Documentation

There is also a QR template app you can have a look at, which appears among the template options when you create a new project :slight_smile: Hopes this helps you in regards to your QR Code requests!

Best Regards,
Victor, Design Technologist at Noodl

Thanks a lot. Yes I’ve seen it :slight_smile:
The discord server is great because it’s so active. But I think in the long run the forum is a way better way to keep information


Yeah I agree. That was also why I thought to follow up here, so it’s easier for people to find in the future :slight_smile:

But great to hear that you already knew of the new module! Happy Noodl’ing! :slight_smile: