Is there now a Table element? etc

Hi there,

we got busy discovering the outside world again.
But now we got back to business and wondered… what happened in the meantime at Noodl?
(Aside from the forum :slight_smile: )

Is there a components Library now? Where we can copy and paste a table to our new app change the titles and data to make it ours?

We are working on a filming permit system which we will use first as a subsystem on its on website.

Production houses should be able to fill out the needed data for the government/municipality and then be able to request locations and private locations - best case from a map-like environment that knows what is what. then this will create a project, which then can be crew, cast, etc be added as well as then the permit.

BTW did you guys see looks like a great backend partner as it is as nice as Noodl itself.

Anyways, we hope we can get some support and help on this so we can start developing.


Rodrigo & Sam

Hi guys!

Welcome back to business! :smiley:

Great to hear that you’re back at it, and super nice with the filming permit system! Having worked briefly in film production (looong before I joined Noodl) this sounds like a really great app that takes a lot of hassle out of the (according to me) most boring parts of the job. Wish we had one of those back then, haha.

Here at Noodl we’re hard at work with a new version release. This time around we are focusing on improving the ease of use with a lot of workflow enhancements, both for some of the nodes but also the rest of the UI in general. We’re in the last stages, so expect something new pretty soon! :tada:

Unfortunately version 2.4 does not include a Table node but I’ll make sure to bring it up during our next backlog meeting. Is there any functionality in particular that you are looking for in a Table?

As for Canonic, this is the first time I see it, but I’m also one of the slowet ones on the team to find new technologies, so I suspect someone has already checked it out, haha. But speaking of this subject we’ve actually been talking a bit about how cool it is that app creators are finding their own preferred no/low-code stack similar to how it works in hardcore code mode. We have exciting times ahead of us!

Also, as a Noodl team member I feel the need to inform you of how great, amazing and capable our Noodl Cloud Service backend is, haha. Jokes aside, it is a bit technical at the moment, so I fully understand the interest for another backend. Please keep in touch with how Canonic works out, and if there’s anything we could do to make the implementation easier!

Have a great week!

That sounds all super exciting, let’s see what 2.4 can do. And we will speak again :slight_smile:

Rodrigo and Sam! I love this idea, and I actually came to Noodle because I’m working on creating a production management software for commercial and music video producers (primarily). I hope you all found some solution to this as I’ve been trying to hack together my own table in Noodl but it’s not very intuitive or easy to manage.

My table/data grid needs to be able to allow users to enter information relating to their project bid and should allow them to add and remove numbers to and from the grid on the fly so that they can track production expenses and eventually actualize their budget. The budget will have many accounts that can be added to, so I’m stuck right now without a proper system to build this out with because there is a level of complexity for this use case.

I think Noodl is by far one of the most well developed low-code platforms out there, but no tables feels like such an important feature to be missing. Did you guys ever find a workaround?

would also be interested in this. table view of data is sometimes really a reason why google sheets and airtable are so convenient to work with. but implementig it in a custom app is a struggle. especially when the data is not in airtable/google sheets but in a database

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A table node can get complicated very fast, and the UX design is very hard since it can go in many directions.

Today you can build a table using the Custom HTML module.

You just have to make sure that the amount of cells in each row is the same.

What also could be made, which has been done before, is low-level nodes of all the HTML Tags to create a table.

For high-level nodes, I think there are 2 different kinds of nodes that could be built. It just comes down to the advanced features that make it very hard to create a good UX and flexibility.

Simple Table (ReadOnly):

  • Display an array of objects
  • Headers come from another array

Advanced Table:

  • Filtering and Sorting
  • Pagination (client-side and server-side ?)
  • Custom cells (for example CRUD actions/buttons)
  • Expandable rows
  • Grouping based on a property

@Maliik_Morales what you seem to be looking for is something more of a Datasheet (like Excel), which is more complicated than a table, or am I wrong?