Lesson 7, States & Logic: Video Needs to be Made Public

The built in live tutorials are great! A nice feature, if you get confused, you can Reset the lesson and start over again. (I’ve done that many times.) Now I’m making some real progress! Anyway, I got to the last Lesson: States & Logic, and the last popup says, “If you want to turn the Task Manager app” you just completed, “into a real working app that saves data to the backend.” (database) Click on the above video tutorial.

Looks like the video is done, but someone forgot to make it public.
I’m getting this message, “Video Unavailable. This Video is Private.”

Hi Townsend!
Welcome to Noodl - Super great to hear that you find the tutorials useful! :slight_smile:
As of this morning, I believe this bug should be fixed. Could you try out the lesson again - this might require that you reset the lesson, which it sounds like you’ve tried before. Maybe restart Noodl also, just to be on the safe side.

Let me know how it goes! :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor

Looks good! The video is now playing fine.
Noodl Tutorial: Enabling Cloud Services

Note: The problem was not with the Noodl platform. It’s been working perfectly! When uploading a video to youTube, it’s set to “Private” unless you specifically designate it to be “Public”. So it was just a youTube switch, which has now been correctly set. Thanks for taking care of this.