No connection to the Sandbox in Tutorial

Hi! I’ve very new to Noodl and is already fascinated. But I can’t complete the tutorial for I can’t reach deploy the app. I keep seeing the annoying loading indicator

The same is for the Custom Domain.

Whac can I do about that?

Hi Artem.
Sorry for the semi-late reply. The last couple of days have been holidays where we’re located. Thank you for making us aware of this bug. We thought it was already fixed, but apparently it wasn’t. If you’re running Noodl 2.6.x, you can simply restart Noodl to get the newest update (v2.6.1). In the new version we have removed the task where you need to deploy in order to progress in the tutorial. You can of course still deploy normally when you’re in a project, and not in the tutorials.

Thanks again, let us know how it goes :slight_smile:

Best regards, Victor from Noodl

Hi Victor. Thank you for the reply. Although I have passed all the tutorials, the bug persists even in my 2.6.1 version:

Hi Artem. We removed the deploy step from the tutorial, because deploying while in the tutorial causes problems with the way it’s set up.

From the screenshot you’ve posted here:
Is 1) the deploy-step in the tutorial still showing up as a task for you to complete, or 2) are you simply trying to deploy the tutorial project now that you’ve finished it? If it still shows up as a step (1), let me know and I probably have a way to fix it. If you’re trying to deploy the tutorial (2) that won’t work with the way it’s set up. Hope that clarifies the issue a bit :slight_smile:

Hi Victor! This was a part of the tutorial, if I remember this correctly, the 1st one. So, I was unable to complete it. Now I’ve diven deeper so I’m ok with that.