Unable to deploy from subfolder [Self Hosting]

The ‘deploy to a subfolder’ option doesn’t yet seem to be available.

Going through the errors in the dev console, after deploying, i resolved most of the errors originating in the index.html by simply changing the paths from absolute to relative:
e.g. src="/index.js" to src="./index.js, thus retrieving the files from the current working directory.

While this, ‘each time fix’, resolves index.html, there are still issues in the deploy.js file. These i couldn’t fix as deploy.js is minified.

I am really hoping that there is a fix out for this, soon.

It’s not really a viable option to deploy each Noodl application to a root domain.

Also, as the Noodl team embraces the concept of micro-frontends, one would assume that deploying to any subfolder should already be possible, as it’s not practical to deploy micro-frontend apps to different root domains every time.

Hi Shrey. I’d recommend using subdomains instead of subfolders, like Noodl does on the sandbox deploys. So if your root domain is https://example.com you should be able to create an unlimited amount of subdomains, e.g. https://app-1.example.com, https://app-2.example.com and so on.

Is this a solution that would work for you?

Hey Michael, this is a workaround that i already use, where possible.

But i find that it’s not that sustainable and straightforward to create numerous subdomains. Rather, subfolders are pretty simple in comparison and more convenient, particularly in Shared Hosting environments.