Using Google Sheets as a backend


I’ve got all my pricing setup in google sheets, all my products goes in there, my overheads, my rates, everything. I’m then able to use simple formulas to to add percentages to my cost prices etc to give me retail prices. There maybe better ways of doing this but it works and I undertsand it.

I’m now in the process of making an app that allows me to filter that information using dependent dropdown menus and gather a price based the values selected. I’ve successfully done this in AppSheet and although it works well getting all my data from Google Sheets and writing back to a separate table, it does’t look great and there are a few features I wish I had which is how I found Noodl.

I’m going through the Task list tutorial and I thought I would post this while I’m watching the second part. Do I have to use Noodl’s back end?

Reading Noodl’s homepage, it mentions that I can use Google Sheets to read and sort from public sheets but what about private sheets and what about writing to?

Hi Evo.
To my knowledge, in its current state the Google Sheets Module in itself only provides the possibility to read from (and not write to) data in Google Sheets. And as you say, only if the document is public. However, there is a way to accommodate writing data to your Google Sheet via Zapier. You can check out these guides for more info on that:

  1. Noodl Documentation
  2. Noodl Documentation

However, in your case I would recommend getting your data over in Noodl’s backend (or any backend for that matter) sooner or later, in order to not have the data publicly available.
This can of course be a somewhat tedious job, if your spreadsheet is very large. But it sound like it should be a somewhat easy job after you’ve built your first to-do app with the backend from our video material :slight_smile:

Maybe there is also a kind of middle ground solution you could try out: If you just want to test stuff about before making the big move from spreadsheet to backend, you can also make your spreadsheet private again and then export it to .CSV, which you then feed into a Static Array Node in Noodl (and remember to set the node to read .CSV and not JSON) :slight_smile:

But again, in the long run it’s probably best to make the move to the backend at some point.
Hope this answers your question, but let me know if there is more :slight_smile:

Best Regards,
Victor, Design Technologist at Noodl


Thank you. It’s not a massive database so I’m sure I can transfer it easy enough.

One issue I fear I will have is with Google Sheets and my formulas. I have a table with 100 overheads, In Google Sheets I sum those values and and use them again and again to get my hourly, weekly, monthly rates etc. I’ve been with Noodl for 1 day so I’m not exactly sure what I can and cannot do but I assume I could do my calculations in the front end before posting them to the back end?

I also have an issue with my Todo List Tutorial app which I have posted in a separate post. My app doesn’t refresh like in the tutorial when you delete, add new rows etc, I’m not sure if this is a bug or I’ve missed something but I have gone through the tutorial a few times and I can’t seem what I’ve missed.

Yep, I just replied to that post now too! :slight_smile: Let me know how it goes and we can check back in again later