What is possible to build with Noodl?

Hi guys, I literally just installed Noodl, after messing around with the Bubbl.io platform. I just trying to get a feel and understand what types of apps can be built on Noodl. The project I have chosen to create is a fully functional restaurant booking app. Is this possible to do on Noodl?
Thanks for any help and advice.

Hi Emmanuel
Sorry for the belated reply - We’re just starting to get back from our Christmas/New Years holidays.

Under the hood, Noodl is based on React, which means you can use Noodl to built Web Apps/PWAs, Websites, Native Apps etc.
So if you judge your app could be built in React, it will most likely be possible for you to build it in Noodl too. And yes, you can build fully functional apps in Noodl and release your app for all of your users to use. Of course, I don’t know the full context and scale of your idea, but on the surface it sounds like Noodl would be a great tool candidate for your idea, yes. Hope this helps, and feel free to ask if you have any more questions :slight_smile:

Best regards Victor from Noodl

Hi Victor,

Happy new year. Thank you for your response. That’s good to know. It seems Noodl is a powerful platform. I think I’ll go ahead and have a play-around. I will probably have a few more questions as I progress. Thank you.

Kind regards,


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